Friday, July 31, 2009

An elevator pitch format

I recently learned of an interesting format for elevator pitches. To review, elevator pitches are quick, 30 second statements about what you do - short enough for an elevator ride and interesting enough to generate more conversation. This format breaks the pitch into three pieces:
  1. I work with… [describe target clients/market];
  2. Who have the problem of/opportunity to… [describe problem your product solves or opportunity your product enables them to take advantage of];
  3. I help them…. [describe benefit clients receive from your product].

For example, "I work with women business owners whose growth is limited by lack of capital. I help them expand their businesses so they can improve the lives of their families and communities."

Note that the above elevator pitch doesn’t mention microcredit at all! But it does create curiosity by encouraging the person you’re speaking with to ask, “how?” One could, of course, add to the pitch a bit about microlending, e.g. “I help them expand their businesses with small loans, so they can improve the lives off their families and communities.” Either elevator pitch “works”.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Product Innovations - Microfinance and Water

What does Matt Damon have to do with microfinance? Read about's innovative microcredit initiative on and find out!